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We are driven by values

Sunshine believes that everyone should have the chance to ride and experience the joy of working with horses. We believe in the philosophy of “Every Horse, Every Day”, so our horses are cared for, trained and loved daily.  We try to pass on this philosophy through experience days, Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes, GCSEs, A-Levels and Apprenticeship programmes.

Skill Based Riding

All Classes are planned and have a skill goal in place so that you or your child can have the confidence to progress and achieve your equestrian dream.

Deeply Committed

Our Teachers and Staff want only the best and safest possible experience for you or your child; therefore, care is taken in each step before, during and after your ride.

Highly Skilled

Our Teachers are trained and hold accreditation from colleges and universities. Our teaching staff are also in the field competitors so they really do practice what they teach.

Kimberly McGuinness


Simon Watson

Yard Manager

Fiona Iszchak

Senior Teacher